Tall Ships of San Francisco
Maritime History and Model Ships by Steve Priske ~ Shipwright - Historian


Gardiner City c.1889

The Gardiner City was launched in 1889
as a 4 masted schooner. She was soon
converted to a three masted Barkentine rig.
Sailing out of San Francisco here the ship is
under full sail on the way down the U.S. west coast.


Gardiner City c.1919

Early one morning in 1911 the
three masted Barkentine Gardiner City
had a mid ocean collision with the
schooner Alert, disabling the ships
shrouds on the fore-mast. The crew jury
rigged the ship and limped back to San Francisco.
Here the Gardiner City is being stripped of all
usable gear while laid up on San Francisco bay.


Barkentine ~ Tropic Bird c.1882

One of the most attractive hull’s ever
launched was the three masted Barkentine
Tropic Bird. Built by John Kruse for A. Crawford
of San Francisco, she was operated primarily
on the Tahiti route. Here the Tropic Bird is drying
her sails, while waiting out a storm off Tahiti.


Willie R. Hume c.1890

The majestic Willie R. Hume was the
first four masted Barkentine launched
on the U.S. west coast. Built by
John Kruse for Captain Asa M. Simpson
of San Francisco, the ‘Hume‘ is her seen
loading lumber at Coos Bay, Oregon.
Note the ships lifeboat suspended in the
rigging while the decks are loaded.


Willie R. Hume c.1890

The 183’ long Willie R. Hume was launched as
a Barkentine, but eventually converted to a
Schooner rig. Here she is docked at San Pedro
near the turn of the Century. The ‘Hume‘ was
sold to Mexican owners in 1911, fate unknown.


Joseph L. Eviston c.1900

The three masted Barkentine
Joseph L. Eviston was built by
Emil Heuckendorff at his Marshfield,
Oregon shipyard in 1900.
At 755 tons and 210 feet overall
length she was the largest 3 masted
ship of her rig built on the coast. Here
the J.L. Eviston is seen docked at San Pedro.


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