Tall Ships of San Francisco
Maritime History and Model Ships by Steve Priske ~ Shipwright - Historian


James Garfield c.1881

The James Garfield was typical of
the dozens of lumber ships that called
San Francisco their home port.
Built in 1881 she was 140’long on the keel(160’overall).
Here the James Garfield is off loading
lumber at San Pedro’s Al Larsen Boat Builders.
The James Garfield was sold to Peruvian owners in 1915.


Annie Smale c.1903

A stunningly beautiful 4 masted schooner,
the Annie Smale was launched
in 1904 from the K.V. Kruse shipyard
at Marshfield, Oregon. She was based
in San Francisco sailing for the
Pacific Shipping Company. The 200
foot long schooner came to rest on
Point Reyes, California in 1910.
This shipyard photograph shows how
beautiful a hull this ship had.


Churchill c.1900

The 4 masted Schooner Churchill was
launched in 1900 for the San Francisco
based lumber company of
Capt. Simpson. She wrecked in 1917,
stranding her crew of 14
on French Frigate Shoals for 30 days.
Here she is being towed out of
Coos Bay, Oregon bound for Australia.


David Evans c.1901

The 200’ long David Evans was built for
a San Francisco lumber concern in 1901.
Her sleek lines made her one of the most
attractive west coast built ships of sail.
Here the David Evans is outside the Golden Gate
being taken in tow. Note the harbor pilots boat.


Echo c.1896

The four masted Barkentine Echo
was launched in 1896. She was
built for the San Francisco
lumber trade and would be one of the longest
west coast built ships of sail afloat.
Eventually she was converted into
a floating home at Sausalito, California.
In 1939 the Echo was used for gunnery
practise off San Francisco.


Forrest Home c.1900

The beautiful 4 masted schooner
Forrest Home was launched in
1900 and called San Franciso her
home port. She carried lumber to the
south Pacific most of her time afloat.
Here the Forrest Home is anchored at
Auckland, New Zealand.
In 1940 she was burned for her fittings.


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